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463L MHE (463L Material Handling Equipment)

463L Material Handling EquipmentOther material handling equipment associated with the 463L pallet system include air cargo side and top net storage racks, 463L pallet stackers for easy storage of 463 L pallets and 463L rollerized tine adapters for fork lift trucks.

The 463L net storage racks eliminate the nightmare of tangled 463L nets on the ground. They provide for orderly storage and inventory counts when nets are not in use. 463L net storage racks come in two sizes- one for 463L side nets and one for 463L top nets. Each rack holds about 40 nets. Please keep in mind you will typically need two 463L side net storage racks for every one 463L top net storage rack.

463L Air Cargo Net Storage Racks463L Air Cargo Net Storage Racks

NSN: 8145-01-486-2448
Cargo net rack top net
76”H x 77”L x 49”W
180 lbs.

NSN: 8145-01-486-2449
Cargo net rack side net
76”H x 189”L x 49”W
355 lbs.

  • Efficient and neat storage of cargo nets
  • Nets are maintained off the floor to prevent contaminants such as dirt and grease
  • Adapts to a variety of net configurations
  • Permits quick inspection of nets
  • Storage for roughly 20 nets per side totaling approximately 40 nets per rack
  • Provides for efficient net handling
  • Bottom deck to keep nets off the ground and floor and to store heavy net hardware
  • Provides savings on costly net replacement
  • Allows your crews to be more productive
463L Pallet Stackers

463L pallet stackers come in 4 basic sizes and stack up to 20 pallets, protecting you investment, lengthening the lifetime of 463L pallets and help reduce accidents. 463L pallets are particularly prone to damage on their side rails and 463L pallet stackers make storage safe and easy.

88.5” x 108.5”
NSN: 3990-01-477-5074

88.5” x 125.5”
96.5” x 108.5”
96.5” x 125.5”

  • Stacks up to 20 pallets for safety and organization
  • Four basic sizes
  • Helps to lower pallet life cycle cost and increases accountability
  • Eliminates loose pallets in high-traffic loading areas thus reducing accidents
  • Move as many or as few pallets from the stacker unit as needed from one pallet to the whole stack

463L rollerized tine adapters eliminate the need for specialized loading equipment on the ground, allowing easy loading of 463L pallets on to aircraft. The tines quickly and easily slip on to the fork truck forks, making them a rollerized platform and eliminate damage to valuable 463L pallets.

463L Rollerized Tine Adapter

NSN: 8145-01-469-1006
Steel Nose

NSN: 8145-01-469-1010
Rubber Nose

  • No need for specialized loading equipment with these roller tines on fork lift trucks to quickly load air cargo pallets.
  • Easily slip the roller tines onto a lift truck’s forks that turn the forks into a rollerized platform. Roll pallets onto the tines, lift with fork lift truck, transport to the aircraft, tip the lift truck’s fork, and the pallets slide off easily into the aircraft.
  • 10,000 pound capacity
  • Made to fit 72” forklifts
  • Quickly and easily handle pallets without specialized loading equipment
  • No need to use and store pallet trailers
  • Accommodates pallets of any dimension
  • Ideal for locations too small for specialized loading equipment
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